Social Networks starting point- Blog Comments

Blog comments are the key for interacting, therefore NETWORKING.

There are good reasons for supporting guest participation within blogs as the link on strategic commenting provided by the SMiELT program presented. However my personal feeling in favour of leaving comments on blog posts have to do with all the learning that takes place while interacting. On doing so, the most important Web 2.0 mechanism gets activated: reading – reaction – feedback – sharing -data transfer / flowing. This implies learning at different levels within a brand new educational environment.

“When one teaches, two learn “– a real and simple truth. Imagine the outcomes on a Social Network ! Awesome if done properly.

Blog comments need commitment. I still remember those times when trolls were constant blog visitors. It is not that they have disappeared. I guess they will always be around. However what has changed is the attitude of both blog authors and readers. They have become better citizens of online nations. One of our aims as educators should be to enhance good online participatory habits. There is nothing better than democracy. And this applies beyond Politics.


NB coComment

Using coComment, you can now keep track of all the comments and discussions your are participating in or observing on the web. When someone adds something to the comment stream or discussion, you’ll be notified. And, if you’re a blogger, you can display the comments you make elsewhere back on your own blog.

Source : CoComment site



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3 responses to “Social Networks starting point- Blog Comments

  1. Thank you for the wonderful video!!!
    You speak right from my heart. Although it’s incredibly easy to begin a blog, it certainly isn’t an easy process to keep it up. And the understanding of what blogging is about (sharing, commenting, being open) often doesn’t arrive before the blog is abandoned. I hope you don’t mind me using your video to illustrate this.

    (ccomments has also changed my way of reading and commenting on blogs!)

  2. Illya – please feel free to use everything from this site.

  3. excellent articles could attract more individuals to go through along with assist lots more people.

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