“You are what you….do in your Network”

Based on the idea that we are nobody if we don’t belong to a community, something which is implied directly by Social Media, some experienced bloggers have already affirmed that your contexts are relevant in your work. If you are part of a Network you must show it. Visualization of your context is really practical because that also shows part of what you are, i.e when you share your Network you tell more about you.

There are some who are already saying that the Web 2.0 process is about to be taken over by Web 2.1. They explain that whereas the Web 2.0 was based on tools to produce content to share online , the Web 2.1 is based on people / users who will use those (or similar) tools not only to share knowledge but to produce content together, build up intelligence and enhance creativity. (*)
One of the great tools launched about a year ago was FEEVY , which allows you to create custom widgets out of the content of your favorite blogs, and gives you a simple tag you can use to embed the widget into your own blog. Unfortunately WordPress apparently doesn’t allow this widget but Blogger does. So I posted my current EVO 2008 Network onto my regular / institutional blog

The pic below shows how the feevy widget is shown onto your blogger sidebar, presenting the automatic updated posts of your favourite bloggers.


Up to the moment I only have the blogs of all those colleagues with whom I have already interacted (Nancy, Gabriela, Illya, Berta – all of them on the “Recent Comments List” on this worpress sidebar)

I will be very happy to add more blogs from people interacting in this EVO event so please , if you let me know , I will add your details on the list . I only need your blog address.

(*) Idea extracted from Argentinian experienced blogger Pablo Mancini (in Spanish)


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2 responses to ““You are what you….do in your Network”

  1. FEEVY looks really interesting! I think you can do something similar in WordPress, with the RSS widget (That’s how I have posts from my other blog on the sidebar of Moving Along.), but it doesn’t have the visual element.

    I am going to check FEEVY out. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I agree that it’s time to focus more on the users using the tools, and that’s what the ‘social’ is in social media. This is something I’ll certainly keep in mind in the next few weeks. The tools are nothing without the users 🙂

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