Exploiting Flickr in ELT and Del.icio.us in my SMiELT network

Uses of Flickr in ELT

How can Flickr be used in the ELT context?

My brand new Del.icio.us tags show some of the links about that -I found them yesterday and I’d like to share them with you. – Mind you- I learnt quite sth about del.icio.us at trying its various features, I used to “save bookmarks” on it before but everything was disorganised as I was completely unaware of categorising possibilities offered by the “bundle” feature, for example. Now I’m really proud to share my bookmarks

Another idea that came to my mind about the use of Flickr has to do with the sharing of experiences/feelings/anecdotes with members of your network.
One of the contacts I gained through SMiELT 2008 is Joaoa . I really enjoyed looking at his pics but what I lliked most was realizing that we might have lots of views to share about a city we’ve both been to and not together!!!! This could very well be a starting point for interesting conversation threads and this is how I wanted to begin:



It would be great to read some more ideas on the different ways to use this content network with EFL students.

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One response to “Exploiting Flickr in ELT and Del.icio.us in my SMiELT network

  1. onelearnersjourney

    Here is another link to read and add to your del.icio.us about using Flickr. It is a blog post by Aaron Campbell called “Motivating Language Learners with Flickr”
    Hope it is useful for you!

    I’m really enjoying your blog and reading about your ideas on how to use social media with students 🙂


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