SMiELT participants needed in Flickr project

Please look at the pic below and speculate using modal verbs:

Trial 1

1. Is the girl alone?
2. Who do you think is she talking to?
3. Could she be talking to a flower / person /an animal?
4. Are there more kids / adults/ flowers / animals around?

Please leave your answers / speculations on the comment box from Flickr linked here:

If you have some comments related to the activity write your views on the comment box from this post.

The task needs interaction and, I will show the original pic in about 2 days. That will give plenty of time for some SMiELT participants to “play” and help me experiment a little bit to draw conclusions afterwards.

Many thanks in advance for your help. I will be looking forward to your writing bits.


Updated on 2/2

This is the original pic ( Great guessing Nancy !;)



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4 responses to “SMiELT participants needed in Flickr project

  1. What a great idea! Thanks!

  2. Lucy

    Hi, maybe I’m being dense, but I can’t access a comments box! I’m logged into flickr

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  4. I think I have pictures of my own daughters making exactly that kind of gesture while feeding ducks and geese in a park when they were little!

    I really like this activity. It has a lot of possibilities.

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