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Brainstorming Flickr uses

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The pic above belongs to the Flickr images that I decided to use to try ideas with this tool.
This is how I used it to enhance interaction with colleagues/contacts from the EVO 2008


Another idea could be the teaching of some grammar points: Let’s consider, for instance, the “Present Perfect”:

1st Look at this image:

Is this shelf tidy?

2nd And now look at this pic:

Is the shelf tidy now?

Lastly, present this sentence:

Somebody has organized the bookshelf. It’s neat now.


It could serve as an excellent springboard for oral debates.

Imagine a conversation class starting with teacher asking students on first things coming to their minds at seeing this image


Good chance to show some bits of culture and traditions. It is always important to provide the cultural/social contexts of the native speakers of the language students are learning. It’s another way of opening up their minds I think.
Will they get surprised at knowing that “cream tea” is typical in the English Summer especially?

Nice opportunity to teach “clotted cream”, “scones”, “jam” , “teapot”, etc.

(Click on those objects here)


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